Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions relate to all sales, deliveries and aftersales support offered by Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd.


Details of the Terms and Conditions of Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. delivery policy as it relates to various products is outlined below:

Garden Sheds:

Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd.. Garden Sheds are delivered to and erected on behalf of our customers to all counties in the UK – some areas may result in a surcharge, please consult your local sales executive. Such a fee or surchage may be waived by Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. at the time of order and is subject to confirmation.

Installations are carried out from Monday to Friday only (Saturdays on special request), typically between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm.

Delivery Terms:

1) Customer must provide a suitable, level site on which to erect the shed. Site must be level to the eye and clear of all obstruction prior to Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. arrival with the shed.

2) Access to the site is the responsibility of the Customer. Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. require standard access, such as is provided by a side or rear gate into the garden, with no narrow turns, low branches or cables, or steep steps between the entrance and the site.

3) In the case where no side or rear entrance is available, it may be possible for Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. to deliver a garden shed by means of travel through the house. In this event, Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. cannot guarantee that access will be possible, nor can we hold any responsibility for damage to house or property during the installation.

4) If on arrival, the site and/or access does not fully comply with the terms above, the installation will be abandoned. Should the customer wish, the product can be left on site after full payment has been made – Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. to return at a later date once the problem(s) have been rectified to assemble the unit. An additional cost will apply.

5) In the case where the Customer is not resident at the delivery address, it is the responsibility of the customer to make arrangements for Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. to be granted access to the site.

6) Garden Shed deliveries are arranged by Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. in clusters that vary due to size and, while every effort is made to ensure rapid and prompt delivery, Customers should be advised that there may be a delay in arranging the delivery of their shed, pending the sale of other sheds in their area and weather conditions.

7) Customers are encouraged to accept their first offered delivery date as stock availability and alternative delivery dates cannot be guaranteed at all times.

8) Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. will not bear any abortive costs arising from a failed delivery.

9) Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. prides itself on the courteous and professional manner of our installation team. Our staff will at all times endeavour to be polite and answer any question or request put to them. However, as many of our staff do not have English as their first language, we do request that customers take this into account when dealing directly with our staff. Customers who find difficulty communicating with our staff on site should feel free to contact our head office on 01332 638027.

10) Customers should take note of the hazards inherent to building work taking place on their property. During construction, we must insist that the construction site remain strictly off limits to all but Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. staff. Particular care should be taken to keep children and pets away from the construction site during the installation. Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for any injuries sustained by any person or animal that enters the construction site prior to our completing the installation.

Payment Terms & Conditions

The following payment terms apply to all retail sales from Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. unless where otherwise stated.

1) For all sales, the following payment types are accepted: Cash (GBP), payable to the senior Steeltech staff member on site, Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer in advance, to clear into Steeltech Garden Sheds Ltd. bank account prior to delivery/collection. Bank details available on request.

2) For Garden Sheds, payment must be in full and, in the case of electronic transfers, must have cleared into Steeltech Garden Sheds Ltd. account before delivery/collection takes place.

3) Customers are required to have a competent person there on day of assembly to confirm all is in order. Customers have the right to inspect the project upon completion. Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. asks that Customer’s notify our work crew on site immediately so that the problem can be rectified without delay. Final payment will be accepted on completion of job. Any snag raised entitles the customer to hold off a nominal fee until work is rectified.

4) Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. requires a minimum deposit of 30% on any order. Customers may, if they choose, elect to provide a larger deposit of the order cost at the time of order as a means of securing their order and entering into a binding contract of sale with Steeltech Garden Sheds Ltd.

5) Steeltech Garden Sheds Ltd. will provide customers with full and complete receipts for all payments on request, and a full VAT invoice upon completion of the project on request. Please contact Head Office to arrange if invoice differs from order form details. All products and services listed on our website are, unless otherwise stated, intended for the retail market and are covered by Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. standard Retail Guarantee. Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to property as a consequence of any installation work. By purchasing any of Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. products, the Customer is deemed to have accepted all of these terms. This guarantee is not intended to violate any statutory rights or entitlements. E&OE.


Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. aftersales support is outlined in our standard Retail Guarantee. This guarantee is not intended to violate any statutory rights or entitlements. E&OE.

Aftersales queries should be directed to our Head Office on 01332 638027.

Retail Customer Guarantee

This guarantee statement applies to all materials sold or supplied by Steeltech Garden Sheds to any retail customer in the UK and to all fitting or other related installation work carried out by or on behalf of Steeltech Garden Sheds in the employ of any retail customer within the UK.

Concrete Base fitters recommended by Steeltech Garden Sheds are not covered by Steeltech Garden Sheds UK Ltd. Guarantee.

This guarantee does not cover or apply to any alteration or subsequent work carried out on or in connection with any product or building supplied by Steeltech Garden Sheds. The specifics of the guarantee as they relate to each product category.

Our Units:

Steeltech guarantees that all materials used in our buildings will be of sufficient standard for the intended purpose.

With respect to manufacture, Steeltech guarantees the construction and assembly of all Steel Sheds and buildings for a period no more than 20 years. Guarantees are only valid in original buyers name only. Within 21 days of assembly of your product, any defect or deterioration highlighted by the customer which is deemed to be due to manufacture or assembly of the shed will be repaired by Steeltech within 10 working days of receipt of written notice. Anytime thereafter all call back queries will be dealt with within 30 working days subject to the issue in question, location and urgency. The cost of any such repair work will be met entirely by Steeltech Garden Sheds – flexibility to allow completion of repairs can be agreed with customer.

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